Minbo, or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion (1992)

The staff at a high-class hotel have a problem. The Yakuza are causing trouble, being abusive to staff, refusing to pay their bills, and other antisocial behaviour. With the manager (Akira Takarada) at a loss he recruits an accountant, Suzuki (Yasuo Daichi) to lead operations to rid the hotel of these people, along with his … Continue reading Minbo, or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion (1992)

Dead or Alive (1999)

The film's opening sequence knocks you over the head with its rebellious attitude. Intercutting between a strip-show, cocaine snorting gangsters, a shoot-out, and an apparent suicide, are coming at you so thick and fast that it is overwhelming. Once the narrative proper starts there is a clear intent to shock, with bestiality porn shoots, a … Continue reading Dead or Alive (1999)

Out (2002)

Four women working nights at a package lunch factory are confronted with a problem when one of them kills her violent husband. Her friends agree to help her dispose of the body and must act quickly to avoid being caught. The four leads each have problems of their own; Yayoi is a young pregnant housewife, … Continue reading Out (2002)